hyundai i30 test drive

Hyundai i30 Virtual Test Drive Game



In this video, digital agency iLogic lets us know about the campaign they ran to launch the new generation Hyundai i30. As far as they know the real-time interactive virtual test drive game they created is a first for South Africa and the world.


Here’s how they did it:


To launch the new generation i30, we transported people to a tron-inspired virtual grid. By playing the game, they got to learn about the vehicle and share the experience. To execute the campaign we chose South Africa’s hottest nightspots in key locations, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Each area was alive with energy as the bars, clubs and restaurants started filling up with people. The launch grabbed the attention of everyone around it. Representatives registered team players using Facebook Connect. Two-man teams chose their racing names, then waited their turn to get inside and compete against each other. 


Sitting inside the car, players became immersed in the Hyundai virtual test drive experience. They interacted with the projected race simulation, brought to life by the i30’s 6-speaker sound system. Icons representing vehicle specs were positioned across the course. Working together to accelerate, brake and turn in time, players collected the icons for power-ups and a higher score. Every sense was stimulated as they raced the course’s dangerous curves.


HD cameras streamed the live action to a large format screen outside, while photos were captured of the players and posted to their Facebook wall, sharing the fun with friends. Passers-by were captivated by the action while players waited anxiously to see if their team’s score made it to the leaderboard.


While queuing to play we kept potential Hyundai customers educated and entertained with a touch screen brochure on the i30’s rear windscreen. Through a multi touch interface everything they wanted to know about the car was, literally, at their fingertips.




iLogic Agency
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