Santam Halloween



This clever idea by KingJames for insurance company Santam offered people the chance to be warned before all the scary parts in M-Net’s Halloween horror movies last night. This is how they did it:


Santam being an insurance company really, really hate it when clients get nasty surprises so they set up a special service to warn viewers of the scariest parts in the Halloween movies. The ad above aired yesterday before 4 scary movies.


The social media team at also set up a special Fright Centre to live tweet warnings (using the hashtag #scarybits) about scares that were coming up during Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2.




Group Chief Creativer: Alistair King
Copywriter: Paige Nick
Art Director: Karin Barry
Designer: Moe Kehana
Social Media Creative Director: Dan Pinch
Community Manager: Cat Drowley
Video production: Ryan Eyden




They also posted this video this morning from the Santam Twitter account:







  1. very very very nice.

  2. People watch scary movies, because they are scary. That’s the point.

  3. rickus – exactly, it’s like jumping the punchline gun during a comedy. go figure…

  4. Carlos the Hamster

    Dont you just hate it when someone spoils a movie by telling you what’s gonna happen? Wait a second…