Vodacom ‘Double Your Summer’ TVC



Vodacom’s ‘Double Your Summer’ campaign kicked off last week with the mantra, ‘If it’s nice, then you get it twice’. The network will be doubling Talk, SMS & Internet purchases made during 1 Nov – 14 Dec.


The TV commercial, set to ‘Gangnam Style’, was made by Draftfcb Johannesburg and production company Picture Tree.


What do you think?




Executive creative director: Brett Morris

Copywriter: Erin Brooks, Napoleon Masinga

Art director: Innocent Mukheli

Head of design:  Collette Wasielewski

Strategic planner: Kabelo Lehlogwane

Key account management: Romaine Mackenzie, Francois van der Merwe, Musa Phanga

TV production: Vanessa Borthwick

Media planners: Noleen Cochran, Leandra Cloete (OMD)

Production company: Picture Tree

Director: Allan Irvin

Editor: Tessa Ford







  1. Been done. Song is over played. Not a fan.

  2. Love it!!

  3. an ad based on a pop song…a whole fucking campaign based on a pop song…

  4. So bad. C’mon this site is supposed to have work worth seeing.

  5. somecopywriter

    Not the worst ad I’ve ever seen…but it’s damn close.

  6. It seems all cellphone networks have the same formula for their TV ads – popular, catchy song, some cheesy/funny character or other well known pop-culture personality and some weird reference to the product.

    Every single one of them…

  7. Sooooo boring. gaawd! I would hate to know the dread that the editor felt as he tried to put something “cool” and “funny” together with what he was given. Tessa Ford, I salute you.

  8. she*, sorry T-Dawg

  9. Hey I got an idea

    You know that new song, what’s it called…I saw it on that new music channel on my PVR decoder…..
    “Gangnam Style!” an interns shouts from the coffee room.
    Gangnam Style..yes…that’s Indian right? Yeah that’s Indian, we have Indians right? Yeah cool, done. Double Summer, because duh, summer’s coming up. I double also sounds Indian if you say it fast. Great see you later

  10. Gangnam style is Korean not Indian, perfomed by Psy (Park Jae-sang)

  11. This ad is a winner! This song will be the anthem for summer 2012 and the ad gives you a good reason to chuckle. Well done!

  12. kelebz mountain

    Great…just great.but I think its 2 Indian n its not in India here its S.A 4 heavens sake!!!!I’m not Indian,OPAGANDAMSTARD hoop hop hooop naaaaa this aint good

  13. My husband is absolutely adamant that Lockenville appear in this ad. I know it’s not them but can someone back me up here please! Huge debate happening