Fragments of a Burnt History | Faith47


Faith47’s first local solo show Fragments of  Burnt History opens in Johannesburg at David Krut Projects this evening.


We featured the first installment of the exhibition here. The Long Wait, inspired by Alexia Webster’s photographic series Waiting for Work, is a series of street artworks of groups of men in various postures of waiting.


This teaser video for the exhibition, filmed and produced by Rowan Pybus, follows the making of this series. The song is ‘Jim comes to Joburg’ by Dolly Rathebe.


Fragments of a Burnt History will be comprised of an installation of found objects and artwork created in the artist’s studio, as well as a new series of monotypes produced in collaboration with the David Krut Print Workshop.


Find the exhibition details here.


Video via WAA


Between 10 and 5