Pim Street Festival

Pim Street Festival

Pim Street Festival


Old Pim Street in Joburg, now Gwigwi Mrwebi, has once again been reclaimed as a space for artists and creatives and the Pim Street Festival will prove it. On Saturday the 24th of November, all the tenants on the blocks will be showcasing their activities and talents for all to see at the first Pim Street Festival.


The festival will take place from 10:00-16:00 and will include live performances, street art, breakdancing, exhibitions, open studios, screen printing workshops, peer mentoring session, DJs and bands, food, bar and market stalls.


The participants include:


Assemblage’s NewARC Studios:


The Newtown Artist Run Centre was opened by Assemblage in April 2012. The space is a central hub for visual artists working in a variety of media (including painting, sculpture, photography, curating, writing, video and printmaking) and emphasises community, collaboration, sustainability and the sharing of resources, knowledge and skills. Activities that take place at NewARC include Assemblage’s peer mentoring group sessions, workshops and talks, professional practice training, exhibition opportunities and an international residency exchange.


Two by Two Art Studio:


Two by Two Art Studio is a combination of an art shop, gallery and studio. The art shop first opened in 2011, in Linden, under the name Two by Two Art Supplies. After moving to Newtown, the art supplies division in collaboration with Cosmic Lucky Bag, an arts blog and working studio space, launched an additional gallery and events space to host and accommodate a variety of young creatives, with interests ranging from photography and design to graffiti art and street culture.


There will be an exhibition opening titled Against the Grain featuring wooden artworks. The shop will have great deals on selected art supplies and there will be a guest performance by local affiliated break dancers during the day.


City Varsity:


Cityvarsity – School of Media & Creative Arts, is a fully accredited Higher Education institution, offering certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas. Newtown, considered the creative capital of Johannesburg, was the chosen site for the Gauteng campus established early in 2007.  Situated in Carfax, previously one of the biggest clubs in Johannesburg, Cityvarsity will have an Open Day on the day and will be displaying arts & crafts from the community in the courtyard.


View full schedule and map at www.newarcstudios.co.za


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