Face Yoga | KFC Milkybar Krusher



Following the existing “How about a nice cup of chill?” TVC, is this new KFC Milkybar Krusher campaign from Ogilvy Joburg. Introducing ‘Face Yoga’, “an invented technique, where one practices the art of pulling one’s face into different poses in order to relax.”


Creative Director, Mike Martin, says, “The campaign was inspired by the physical makeup of the new Milkybar Krusher, which is thick and chunky and so requires the use of all your facial muscles to slurp it up.”


In the series of videos, self-proclaimed Face Yoga guru Shmarmy Kush, teaches people how to chill by practicing Face Yoga.


Campaign credits


Mike Martin – Creative Director
Bridget Johnson – Creative Director
Marion Bryan – Creative Group Head
Catherine Conradie – Creative Group Head
David Krueger – Copywriter
Junior Art Director – Leighton Coertze
Genna Hansen – Social Media Manager
Cindy Booysen – Account Management
Shera Eshmade – Account Director
Tessa Weakley – TV Producer
Team Best – Director
Emma Hurley – Art Buying
Colleen Idle – Production
Mike Lewis – Photography
AMI – Illustration
Kate Mallett (Digital Account Executive)
Pierre Cassuto (Digital GAD)
Dylan McLean (Digital Creative Director)
Leigh Hunter (Designer)
Byron Phillipson – flintntinder (Production Company)















  1. Carlos the Hamster


  2. that’s so forced!

  3. You’d get a better face yoga workout cringing at these. try again guys.

  4. carlos you got a lot to say. how about posting some of your work for all of us to see?

  5. Carlos the Hamster

    Remember that little ad I did for Cadbury’s … the one with the Gorilla?

  6. @Carlos were you controlling Juan Cabral’s brain like that evil rodent genius Brain from “Pinky and the Brain”? Damn hamsters are so sneaky.

    Loved all your Sony Bravia work by the way.

  7. Carlos the Hamster

    You know you’re right, these ads are hilarious…I love them!

  8. Nelson Mandela

    I want my money back and bandwidth…

  9. This reminds me of this one time I watched a really bad advert and then ate my own hand just to ease the pain.

  10. So, really just Twakkie pulling weird faces. Never seen that before.

  11. Whatever haters. The grade and editing is beautiful. Typography looks awesome. Well done to KFC for doing these. These are gonna go viral and do well. Suck it up.

  12. @kiddo your comment is funnier than these videos. hahaha viral….

  13. thanks @pffff – because your comment “that’s so forced” was really constructive and intelligent.

  14. the beautiful grade and editing will really help ease the pain when the client looks at the poor numbers

  15. I loveed these ad’s! thanx guys, hilarious!