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Engen Primax Unleaded ‘Best of Both’ TVC



This month marks the launch of Engen Primax Unleaded, petrol anticipated to shake up the fuel industry by offering two key benefits – performance and fuel economy – in one.


For the launch campaign of this new product, Draftfcb Cape Town created a hybrid car with a difference. Creative Director Aaron Harris explains, “The result is a vehicle that has the V6 engine of a performance car with the frugal fuel tank of an economy car.”


The TVC features the making of the car. A team of technicians cut two cars in half and reassemble them into a single vehicle that combines the best of both – with the front of a performance car and the rear of an economical runaround.


Executive Creative Director Mike Barnwell says, “There was never any question about us creating the car for real. We all agreed that the car had to be fully functional. We’re planning to take the hybrid car on a cross-country tour, making appearances at Engen forecourts and motor shows across South Africa.”




Executive Creative Director: Mike Barnwell
Creative Director: Aaron Harris
Copywriter: Ian Metcalfe
Art Director: Brendon Barnard
Agency Producer: Caz Friedman
Director: Adrian De Sa Garces at Velocity Films
Producer: Karen Kloppers


Between 10 and 5