Wall\Therapy 2012 feat. Faith47 and DALeast


This is the trailer for WALL\THERAPY, the 2012 follow up to 2011’s VISUAL INTERVENTION, a short documentary covering a public art mural project in Rochester, New York. Among local artists, last year’s project involved four Cape Town based street artists – Freddy Sam, DALeast, Faith47 and Mak1one.


This year DALeast and Faith47 went back for round two.


The filmmakers say, “Essentially, what we are doing is a community-level intervention in the form of mural art in the public space. The walls are our vehicle for inspiring and rehabilitating our community. We are intervening visually to address a fundamental collective need of our citizenry, the need for inspiration. In addition and quite literally, the walls on which our “therapists” will paint are being resurfaced and rehabilitated…given new life and energy.”


Find more info at wall-therapy.com


via SJ Artists


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