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DStv’s ‘Javas’ tv commercial by Ogilvy Johannesburg has become an integrated operation with the new ‘Ask Javas’ microsite and social media campaign.


Here’s the story behind the work:


The tv ad introduces Javas, a sage adviser shipwrecked on a remote island who conjures up an answer to every possible problem. Javas graciously invites his fellow islanders to sip from the fountain of his wisdom. These insights, the ad reveals, are all gleaned from the DStv movies, songs and documentaries he watches on his secret television.


The microsite features Javas, seated in his hidden cave on his island, inviting viewers to select a question from “work”, “family” and “love” categories. Once selected, Javas instantly delivers back a video with a witty solution to the dilemma, appropriated from popular culture.


Mimicking a live experience for the viewer, over 35 short videos were produced for the microsite. An interesting feature on the site is the hidden “Easter eggs”, so when viewers scroll over the parrot, for instance, it squawks. These elements are hidden, encouraging viewers to play with the interface and uncover surprises.


From a social media perspective, Javas is very active and available to chat with users and offer his wisdom on his Facebook and Twitter page. Fans can tweet their questions to @AskJavas and he’ll fire back an answer in minutes.


Nimay Parekh, Digital Group Account Director at Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg, says, “We found a site with the top 500 words used on Twitter, and extracted the top nouns, verbs and adjectives. So if a user asks Javas a question containing one of these keywords (picked up by tweetbots), the relevant answer is given in under 140 characters.”


Try it out at:


Campaign credits


Caree Ferrari – Managing Partner

Fran Luckin – Executive Creative Director

Carl Willoughby – Creative Director

Carey Dowse – Art Director

Monique Kaplan – Art Director

Ruby Fourie – Copywriter

Phindile Ndzekeli – Account Director

Nimay Parekh – Group Account Director: Digital

Georgia Matthews – Account Director: Digital

Dylan Mclean – Creative Director

Mick Santapaga – Creative

Orla Hunter – Creative

Jeanette Grove – Creative

Warren Hunt – Strategy

Amanda Sevasti Fairweather – Account Director: Social@Ogilvy

Mak Tema – Account Manager: Social@Ogilvy


Javas DStv

Javas DStv

Javas DStv

Javas DStv

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