The Fashion Movie Project

The Fashion Movie Project

By Reinier Rademan

Poster by Reinier Rademan


You may remember the fashion photography collaboration we did with Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design last year. This year, we teamed up with them again, only we decided to take the challenge up a notch.


The Fashion Movie Project is an experiment in fashion films. We invited 9 young Cape Town photographers or photography teams to pair up with a styling student from Elizabeth Galloway and a local fashion label. The catch; instead of shooting stills, they had to make short films with a Canon 7D, which was a first for most of the participants.


The results will be screened in association with film fanatics Frankly, My Deary on Monday the 26th of November at The Waiting Room on Long Street. It’s R20 to get in, be there at 19:30 sharp to catch all the films.


After the screening the winning team will be announced and the party starts with DJs Grmmz Grmmz, Mudblud and Ryan Gosling.


See the Facebook event page for more.


The featured photographers and fashion labels are:


Caroline Mackintosh + ANKHA
Kent Andreasen + Margot Molynuex
Max Mogale + 2bop
Thomas Pepler + Guillotine
Lische Joubert + I Love Leroy
Lindsay Hamlyn + Christopher Strong
Amor Coetzee & Farran Bagg + Betty & Freddy
Jenni Le Grange + Lalesso
ONS + Crazy White Bitches


Between 10 and 5