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The Blackheart Gang at /A WORD OF ART

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Postcards from Molotia is a new exhibit by the The Blackheart Gang (Ree Treweek and Markus Wormstorm) that opens at /A WORD OF ART on the 30th of November.




Date: 30th of November (runs until 17 January)

Time: 19:30

Place: /A WORD OF ART,  66 Albert Rd, Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town



The Blackheart gang is a collaboration between Ree Treweek and Markus Wormstorm. They think of themselves as archivist documenting the realms of imagination. Over the last ten years they have explored many such worlds- documenting them through music, animation, prints, etchings and sculptures.


Their previous film “The Tale Of How” raked in a score of international awards and propelled The Blackheart Gang onto the international stage. They have exhibited their work around the world and spoken at many international art conferences.


Their new exhibit explores the unsteady relationship between imperialism and tribalism. “Postcards from Molotia” is a collection of prints and sculptures documenting the people from the war-torn jungles of the Molotian Bog.


The Blackheart Gang

The Blackheart Gang

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