Spider Murphy Handguns for Dutchmann


Dutchmann kicked off earlier this year by launching “The Delft Portfolio” at the Joburg Art Fair in September 2012, featuring ten Shaun Tomson ‘1975 Pipeline Gun’ surfboards shaped by the legendary Spider Murphy. Each board in the portfolio featured Delft-inspired artwork by a selection of local and international artists including the likes of Jonathan Barnbrook, Anton Kannemeyer, Asha Zero and Michael MacGarry.


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The Spider Murphy range has now been extended with the launch of the Dutchmann “Handgun”, a bodysurfing hand-plane shaped for Dutchmann by Spider himself. These Handguns are designed to give everybody a taste of Spider’s wizardry, raising you out of the water to slide down the face of even the smallest surf – guys, girls, pros and amateurs alike. This video shows you how you work a handgun (SFW).


Each board is hand-shaped, sprayed in a custom Dutchmann palette, hand-glassed and then polished to gleam like those shiny trophies on the mantelpiece. The first edition includes 30 unique models, each personally named by the Dutchmann team. The beauties go on sale on Thursday 29 November.



If you’ve been hanging out around the ladies lately, you might recognise one of them – they all have sultry lady names – maybe one even has your girlfriend’s. Now you’ll have an excuse for saying you’re going to play with Wendy in the waves, and you won’t be covering anything up this time!


We’re giving one of these babies away here on 10and5!




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Dutchmann connects South African master craftsmen with contemporary designers and artists to produce unique objects.



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