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Last night, at The Waiting Room, we finally got to showcase the results of The Fashion Movie Project, that has been months in the making. The project is a collaboration between us and the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design.


In the name of experimentation, local talent and the future of fashion photography, we asked young Cape Town based photographers to team up with a styling student from the academy, and a local fashion label, to make a short video with a Canon 7D.


Congratulations to Max Mogale who was chosen as the winner by the judges (Simon Deiner and Gary Stemmett of SDR Photo, Patrick Visser of Frankly, My Deary, artist/designer Leanie van der Vyver and Theunis Stofberg from Elizabeth Galloway), and who walked away with some great prizes from Camera Couture, Proof eyewear and Thelonious Studios. His short, Street Warrior (above), features clothing by 2bop.


One Dog Chicken was there to cover the event, so expect a video soon! A big thank you also goes to film enthusiasts Frankly, My Deary who put the screening together, and to everyone who came through to support.


We’re really excited to show you the final results:


ONS + Crazy White Bitches




Kent Andreasen + Margot Molynuex



Jenni Elizabeth + Lalesso



Lindsay Hamlyn + Christopher Strong




Lische Joubert + I Love Leroy




Amor Coetzee & Farran Bagg + Betty & Freddy




Thomas Pepler + Guillotine




Caroline Mackintosh + ANKHA




Who’s your favourite?


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