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World AIDS Day | Buy Them A Moment That Matters

Warren van Rensburg


To send a message on World AIDS Day tomorrow, The Topsy Foundation has partnered with Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg to launch the “Buy Them A Moment That Matters” campaign.


They say, “Playing with your children. Riding a bike. Coming home after a long day. Moments like these are what make life worth living. But for some, this very moment might well be their last. What if you could play a part in helping someone – a mother, a child, a teacher – relive their most precious moments?”


The campaign will target people doing online shopping or browsing, very popular at this time of year, by making buying these “moments” available to the public to purchase.


The moments will be made visible through photographs by Warren van Rensburg of real people living with HIV and AIDS in the impoverished communities Topsy serves across South Africa. Shoppers will be able to click through to BidorBuy.co.za to buy a “moment” for a person living with the disease, making charitable giving an integrated part of the online shopping experience. The option to give will also be made available through an SMS line.


All proceeds from every purchase will go towards Topsy’s life-saving treatment and care programmes, enabling the individuals it supports to continue to relive their most valued moments and fulfill their hopes and dreams.


The campaign will extend into 2013, giving the public further opportunities to support this cause. From as little as R15, your donation can change lives. To buy them a moment that matters right now, visit BidorBuy or SMS “TOPSY” to 39810.


You can also follow the conversation around the movement #WorldAIDSDay and #EndOfAIDS.






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Warren Van Rensburg


Warren van Rensburg

Warren van Rensburg

Warren van Rensburg

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