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Wishlist: Katherine-Mary Pichulik

Shirley Fintz


Katherine-Mary, or Kat for short, is the creative force behind the bold, young jewellery line, Pichulik. In less than a year, her bright and exciting designs have shared the runway with Lalesso at Mercedes-Benz Cape Town Fashion Week, have been featured on sites worldwide, bought by Serena Williams and worn by Solange Knowles on the cover of ELLE SA. Kat is passionate about supporting fellow South African designers and artists.


We asked her to share the local makers on her wishlist this December, and to let us know why she is a fan. This is what she had to say:


1. Shirley Fintz


To like Shirley’s work is to like Shirley – they are one and the same. A treasure huntress of African trade beads, plastic bits and bobs and vintage gems, she has a compendium of joys at GuruRamDas Yoga Studio where her ceramic studio is. I love her sensibilities with ceramics – wild, fantastical and organic play. It’s ornate bizaritty at its best.


Michael Chandler


2. Chandler House


I think his pieces are timeless, and it will be a seminal and iconic South African brand that you will regret having not invested in. Plus, Michael Chandler and Jeremy Smith are the two most generous and kind gents in town. Love the Matisse Bust amongst a million other things.


Goergina Gratrix


3. Georgina Gratrix Print or Watercolour


Georgina is perhaps one of the most interesting contemporary South African artists at the moment. I love her fercocious and lusty paintings, and I find her funny and delightful as a person. I would get a print or a small watercolour, and I would treasure it like a small jewel.


Rosetta Coffee


4. 250g Rosetta Coffee Beans


I love their Shakisso Sidamo. I love their Art Deco Branding. I like the way they evoke an ambience with each roast. They challenge us to create great filtered coffee at home that does not require milk or sugar for flavour.


Clint Friedman


5. Clinton Friedman Scarab Umbrella.


I love the idea of a glamorous umbrella, not necessarily practical but oh so beautiful.


Joya Ring


6. Joya Crystal Rings


These are large and cold crystals on your finger. A portable kaleidoscope of sorts that provides entertainment during those long-winded conversations. It’s also the closest I guess I will get to wearing semi-precious stones.


David Brits


7. My boyfriend David Brits – designer/archivist and artist


He has the greenest fingers in town, he paints beautiful pictures on old floral calenders and he is soon to release bespoke notebooks with images from his homestead’s encyclopedia – a mere 2 century odd old. So, I would like a potted plant, a painting and a book from him too.


Olivia Keck


8. Olivie Keck


You might know her as one of the hot birds who works at The Power & The Glory, I think she is witty and whimsical. Her illustrations make me laugh and I think she is a great storyteller with many fantastical stories to tell.



Thanks, Kat!



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