Cape Times | You Can’t Get Any Closer To The News

Cape Times


A new print campaign, by Lowe Cape Town for the Cape Times, doctors famous photographs to get the idea across. The copy reads, “You can’t get any closer to the news.”


The agency had this to say about the campaign, “Every journalist knows the key to a great story is getting it, as they say, straight from the horse’s mouth. A first-hand account. Not from bystanders or passersby, but from the person, or people, who are at the heart of the story. In this way journalists are able to provide much more detailed, in-depth and insightful accounts, which consequently means readers are better informed. Every story deserves a first-hand account.”



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  1. Carlos the Hamster

    Great stuff!

  2. some art director


  3. It’s a winner. Plus it’s real work, not scam. I’ve seen it running a lot over the last week.

  4. Another campaign to remind me how crap I am. Nice work guys 🙂

  5. Carlos the Hamster

    This is gonna win big.