outline lamp

Wishlist: Lucas R Adams

outline lamp


For today’s Wishlist we asked Lucas R Adams to share the local products that he’d be more than happy to receive this festive season. Lucas is the man behind proudly Cape Town based, product design and manufacture brand, Kraftisan™.


Knowing what it takes to design and make quality product, we thought he’d be the perfect choice to let us know what fellow makers to keep an eye on.


This is his wishlist:


1. made by seb – Outline Lamp


One can never really do with too much lighting, and these lamps from made by seb are not only pleasing to the eye, but are reminiscent of the traditional light, in their manufacture using the same material in the luminaire as in the body.


Jame Mudge


2. James Mudge – Shelving System


High quality and solid timber says it all by James Mudge. I love self-assembly, and anything that in one way or another, involves the user in its process, is always a winning concept.




3. Tanya Laing – Sootcookie Animals 


Sometimes you don’t really need a reason to explain why, and with Tanya Laing’s Sootcookie Animal’s I think the playful attraction speaks for itself.




4. Caleb Pederson – 2012 Chapel Bags


As a rule of thumb I swear by my backpack and carry it around almost everywhere I go, even if I don’t need it. I promised myself I would get one of these beautifully crafted items from Chapel Bags when my current one gives in.


Jesse James


5. Jesse James – Leather mouse pad 


Okay, so you’re saying, “I use my track pad”, well, when you’re concerned about 0.1mm accuracy, a mouse pad is always a good call. Leather is a great investment and this piece from Jesse James nails it.



Thanks, Lucas!


Find the whole series here.


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