Doom Wall of Shoes

Doom | Wall of Shoes



South Africa is home to more than 100 000 species of insects. The most common way of killing them is with a primitive stomp of a shoe. TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg used this insight to come up with an interesting way of demonstrating the insect-killing power of Doom.


They took the most basic method of killing a bug and multiplied it by the power of Doom. The result was a 22 meter high can of Doom made entirely out of thousands of real shoes. Each sneaker, stiletto, and boot made up the individual pixels of the artwork. The thought; if one shoe is deadly, imagine how deadly thousands of them are, and that’s the power of Doom.




Executive Creative Directors: Matthew Brink, Adam Livesey
Creative Director: Justin Wright
Art Director: Jade Manning
Copywriter: Vincent Osmond
Production: Craig Walker, Simone Allem, Ingrid Shellard
Production Company: Continental Media, Mogul Engineering, Birthmark
Photographer: Vernon Reed
Director: Brett de Vos
Account Manager: Vannessa Maswela, Nicci Valera, Nobesuthu Cele
Sound: Theo @ Sterling Sound


Between 10 and 5