Hunter’s #LongestDay



As part of the Hunter’s new Chase the Heat platform, the Hunter’s team is spending the Longest Day of the year by chasing ultimate refreshment.


To do this, they have taken 3 Facebook fans and are sending them all over Cape Town in search of the heat.


You can follow them live all day and check the updates on Twitter with the hashtag #longestday.


Watch live streaming video from hunterslongestday at


Agency: 140 BBDO
Live Stream: August



  1. Cool contest Johann. For US, in the other hemisphere, tomorrow is the shortest day of the year … that is, if we survive the predictions of the Mayan Calendar 🙂 Enjoy the heat and summer solstice!

  2. Wow! that’s not exciting at all.

    Thanks for adding value to my life, I think I’ll share this with all of my friends and then go out and drink a hunters while we talk about this amazing piece of relevant content.

    Is it even worth posting these things? Who came up with this? A producer?