The Weird World of Nox and Harper



Local animation boutique, Toon53, released this pilot yesterday for their animated series, “The Weird World of Nox and Harper.” The cartoon sees Dr Mixum’s creations – a gang of friendly, trans-specied animals – take on a mean-spirited zoo keeper.


Here’s the synopsis:


How long is an ostrich-giraffe’s neck? Are wolf-sheep vegetarian? Why did the chicken-gorilla cross the road? If your answer to all of these questions is SAY WHAAAT!? It’s obviously your first visit to The Weird World of Nox ‘n Harper. Join Nox, a cheery tortoise-fox, and Harper, a neurotic Deer-squirrel as they take you into Dr Mixum’s Zoo – a place where anything is possible, adventure lurks in every cage and feeding the croco-sharks is strictly forbidden. From yodeling elephant-goats to a moose-owl psychologist, walking the plank to Wild West showdowns, there’s enough crazy adventure to keep you coming back again and again.




Created by Michael Robertson & Jarrod Tomlin
Story by Greig Cameron, Michael Robertson & Jarrod Tomlin
Director and Art Director – Michael Robertson
Head Writer – Greig Cameron
Storyboarded by Rudolph Boonzaaier & Ezelle Van Der Heever
Producer – Michael Robertson
Character Designers – Rudolph Boonzaaier, Kim Bussiahn, Michael Robertson & Ezelle Van Der Heever
Original Character Designs – Michael Robertson
Background Designers – Rudolph Boonzaaier, Dean Boschetti, Jelena Mladenovic, Kenneth Doust & Michael Robertson
Background Painters – Dean Boschetti, Kenneth Doust & Michael Robertson
Animators – Michael Robertson, Kenneth Doust, Ryan Van Eyk, Steve Cloete & Kim Bussiahn
Animatic – Rudolph Boonzaaier & Michael Robertson
Animatic Timers – Michael Robertson & Kenneth Doust
Storyboard Revisions – Michael Robertson
Voices – Brogan Thompson, Nic Van Der Bijl, Jason Glanville & Ray Whitcher
Recording Engineer – Pieter Goode & David Scott
Animation Checker – Michael Robertson
Dialogue Editor – Rudolph Boonzaaier & Michael Robertson
Producer for MindsEyeCreative – Nick Cloete
Line Producer for MindsEyeCreative – Jenna Gien
Main Title Lyrics by  Michael Robertson
Main Title Music by The Kiffness (David Scott)
Main Title Singers – Matthew Ash & Julia Saporta
Opening Title created by Toon53 Productions cc & MindsEyeCreative (Backgrounds)
Software – ToonBoom Harmony
HappyLand Shorts Created by Mike Scott


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