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Santam King James


The hours of craft are evident in these exceptional long copy print ads for insurance company, Santam. Credit goes to KingJames with illustration and type by the accomplished Adam Hill.




Chief Creative Officer: Alistair King
Executive Creative Director: Devin Kennedy
Copywriter: Devin Kennedy
Creative Director/ Art Director: Dan Berkowitz
Illustrator: Adam Hill
Account Director: Jane Rowan Parry
Senior Account Director: Kyle Marquis


Santam King James

Santam King James







  1. Incredibly awesome copy, gosh-darnnit!

  2. somecopywriter

    Dig it!

  3. Go Adam!

  4. Adam Hill. Up to no good again.

  5. another incredibly self indulgent long copy ad that no one outside the industry will ever read. and just in time for award season as well!

    can i get a hoopla!

  6. Trendy type done well.

  7. I know the credits say Adam Hill, but are you sure he was the illustrator on this? If you look at his porty site ( compared to this, something doesn’t add up. These seem a little unfinished, compared to the usual magic he produces. Not convinced.

  8. Carlos the Hamster

    The radio that goes with this is one of the most annoying campaigns I’ve heard in a long time. Why that voice?