Good Hope FM | Beyond the Fence



Meant as tongue-in-cheek, Cape Town radio station Good Hope FM’s new brand ad by 140BBDO and Egg Films, makes a sweeping statement about Capetonians.


The PR blurb goes: The spot makes a great meal of a simple truth: Capetonians live in one of South Africa’s greatest cities; and boy do they know it.


Director of the commercial, Slim, says, “I really digged the exaggeration and comedy; it gave us a chance to completely take the mickey out of ourselves as both Capetonians and  non-Capetonians.” He purposely chose to avoid too many visual effects and let editor Ricky Boyd work his magic, allowing the cut to reveal the change from cool Cape-Town-land to uncool-place-of-no-return, after one of the characters mistakenly strays beyond the signal of Good Hope.


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Executive creative director: Ivan Johnson
Creative director: Alexis Beckett
Copywriter: Alex Goldberg
Art director: Gareth Cohen
Agency producer: Sarah Southey / Jo Weiss / Megan Sturgess


Production company: Egg Johannesburg
Director: Slim
Director of photography: Willie Nel
Production co-producer: Nicci Cox
Executive producer: Colin Howard / Nicci Cox


Post production: Deliverance
Editing: Deliverance
Editor: Ricky Boyd
Audio: Milestone Studios


Between 10 and 5