Jay Gordon

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Jay Gordon

V is for Vermin


We’ve been fans of Jay Gordon for a while, ever since he was placed second, with this entry, in our vida e caffè design competition.


The versatile illustrator and graphic designer is based in Cape Town and has been working full time at creative studio, Am I Collective, for the last two years. Jay loves typography, editorial illustration and the art of graphic novels and calls illustration his obsession. He experiments in different styles but feels he is still searching for a style that truly represents him. We’re really enjoying what he is creating in the process.


Find his online portfolio at www.behance.net/lovkis




77200a9d505570b436264c8abbbc0006A piece for Am I Collective’s What am I? riddle poster series

bd50d197b9c700b60728e68e2ccdfeb3Submission to Southern Comfort’s Mardi Gras design competition

c9914d7a0f8e5c927944a4108669346e 67c3398dec594faeb953f02c0ab3ac93A submission to 2012’s Southern Ink Exposure Tattoo Exhibition

63e032d414774419b70beffadbba2bda hd_ab0dd23dfe69f20676050aae98739c9dRoom 14a in Illville Hotel



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