M-Net Movies | Oscar Promo TVC

[youtube]http://youtu.be/GXOKDMl6Fmg[/youtube]   M-Net Movies launched this 90 second promo ad this week in anticipation of the Oscars coming up in February.   The spot, by Clearwater; Fresh Eye Films and directed by Bevan Cullinan, features two dim-witted event planners and world famous Olympian, Oscar Pistorius. Fresh Eye producer Graham Black says,¬†“Oscar was so enthusiastic and hyped to be a part of this that it translated into a very funny and positive piece that has had an overwhelming response. Our cast was superb and Bevan really brought out the best in everyone.¬†Clearwater and M-Net Movies also gave us a lot of latitude, which enabled us to push things a lot further than we could normally do.”   Credits:   Clearwater Fresh Eye Film Productions Director: Bevan Cullinan Producer: Graham Black  




  1. Eish… not only is it in bad taste and poor humour, but the main dude’s performance is such an attempted rip off of David Brent – even down to the tie straightening – but the problem is, he’s not Ricky Gervais, and its not funny. Sorry you were dragged into this Oscar – you deserve better.

  2. Ya. A very kak version of The Office. And the joke at the end…sheesh, it’s like they literally wanted to exploit the fact he has no legs, nobody even says “that’s got no legs.” I’m sorry too Oscar. You’re a much better person than this. I feel like we’ve put Mandela in a clown costume.

  3. Carlos the Hamster

    I really don’t like that Oscar poephol.

  4. Also, I really liked this. You know what they say about haters right guys? They are like assholes. End of story.

  5. I agree Carlos, Oscar is not the nicest guy in town.

  6. Clearly Oscar has one thing that some of you are missing: a sense of humour!

  7. Yeah props to Oscar for having a sense humour but to the creative team, wtf were you thinking.

  8. Is it just me or is Oscar slowly turning into The Rock.