KFC Coffee | When You Can’t Afford to Yawn

Ogilvy JHB


A new series of print ads by Ogilvy Joburg for KFC’s coffee made from 100% Arabica beans, for when you can’t afford to yawn. They enlisted the incredible skills of London based studio YUMYUM to create the scenes and characters. Click on the images to get the full effect.




Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Creative Director: Mike Martin
Art Directors: Thule Ngcese, Mike Martin
Copywriters: Thule Ngcese, Mike Martin, Andrew Pearson
Production Company: YUMYUM London
Illustrator: Thule Ngcese / YUMYUM London
Photographer: Ryan van Son
Typographer: Thule Ngcese
Agency Producer : Emma Walker


Ogilvy JHB

Ogilvy JHB

Ogilvy JHB







  1. When I looked at these ads, all I wanted to do was yawn.

  2. YAWN indeed! It seems 10and5 is becoming another adsoftheworld. Don’t you have anything different to post!

  3. Beautiful illustrations and layout – what you get when you use a renowned studio like YUMYUM. Idea feels like a bit of stretch though.

  4. beautiful insight, beautifully executed.
    Really like these a lot.

  5. Style over substance

    I’m just not getting is the idea inherent in each. I can see it in the guy coming home after playing golf. Wife: “OMG – this child! Warra warra what what…” to which Husband replies: “Honey, wow, that’s so interesting…” *yawn.

    But I’m totes struggs seeing it in the kid playing his instrumental, hairdresser (FAB-u-lous!) and the least so of the others, car crash.

  6. First-base insight and scenarios. The style is rad though.

  7. Hooray Yum Yum. Boo Ogilvy.

    According to the credits one dude did everything, yet Yum Yum did the actual illustrations.
    Did it take that many people to come up with such a weak concept?
    I’m not hating, I’m just really disappointed that such a cool style was used for an idea like this.

  8. Well done to the Ogilvy team – KFC has never looked so fantastic! YUM YUM’s illustrations are so beautiful and make these pages so much more memorable and loveble. Which is probably why all the real industry experts from the Creative Circle have voted it as ‘AD of the Month’. I said ‘experts’ not ‘haters’, so to all you haters out there that have so many negative comments – let’s see your wonderful work that you have produced (on your own…pfft) on an international brand as big as KFC. Oh wait, you probably have none.

  9. Carlos the Hamster

    No matter how hard you try you will never mask the blood on the Colonel’s snow white beard…

  10. Hooray Yum Yum. Boo Ogilvy.

    @Nicci Well done on using a rad style to camouflage your ‘idea’. Hilarious that you only grew some balls and praised the idea once you eventually found some people to like it. Where’s the conviction? I never knew Ad of the Month had a craft category.

  11. This an example of a good looking ad with a k*k concept.

  12. @hooray yum yum. Boo ogilvy; for the record I do not work for Ogilvy or KFC. Secondly, why would I be so juvenile as to wait for others to like something before I do? I only just saw these and made my comment – unlike you who obviously has nothing better to do but make negative comments on creative blogs all day long instead of doing any real work. Perhaps you should send your CV and portfolio to Ogilvy seeing as you think you can do so much better. Maybe have the balls to use your real name when you do.

  13. I really like these. Don’t know why everyone thinks the concept is lame. And for KFC – even better. Glad they’re doing something that isn’t the colonel, cause that would be the real yawn.

  14. @hooray yum yum. Boo ogilvy; I am sorry to be so harsh – I must have been in a bad mood. I’m sure you’re a nice person and are absolutely entitled to your opinion. Anyway, perhaps one day we’ll meet and have a debate over a coffee about what concept & style ratios matter in the miniscule world of advertising, but at Vida-e, because Lord knows that no matter how much we love YUM YUM & these crafted illustrations from KFC – we’re more likely to not hava cuppa there.