AHP | Stethoscope Audio Ad



One of Africa’s biggest problems is a severe shortage of doctors and healthcare professionals. Africa Health Placements is an organisation that recruits international doctors to work in Africa. For their latest campaign, strategic brand agency Boomtown created the world’s first stethoscope audio ad that was sent in a package to foreign doctors.


Once opened, a message prompts doctors to place their stethoscope on the pressure-activated device, this activates a pre-recorded MP3 that speaks directly to them. The audio for the ad was recorded at a low level so that it was only audible through a stethoscope, turning something that every doctor possesses into an advertising medium.






Creative Director: Andrew MacKenzie
Art Director: Tim Jones
Copywriter: Gary Welsh
Designer: Jedd McNeilage
Editor: Steven Carter


Boomtown AHP


Boomtown AHP


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