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One Day Art

One Day Art | Bees Work In Teams

One Day Art


One Day Art is Muizenberg-based  art initiative that holds one day only art exhibitions with a particular focus on emerging artists. This Saturday, the 23rd, sees their fourth event take place to the theme of Bees Work In Teams.


As one of the group’s aims is to take art out of the gallery and make it accessible to all, the upcoming exhibition will take place outdoors in the Muizenberg park. The theme aims to explore the notion of community through the lens of bees and their hugely industrious network systems. The event hopes to open up discussion and examine how humans have much to learn about working collectively and positively as communities and how bees set a perfect example of how to do so.


The exhibition will be open to the public and include a diverse range of artists and media, including sculpture, site-specific installations, street art and painting.


The image below is an example of a previous One Day Art event. See the poster above for details on this one or visit




Between 10 and 5