Should you attend the Content 2013 Conference?


Some of the world’s leading brands have already investing heavily in content marketing. Global brands like Red Bull and Coca Cola have gone all-in on the content play, and it’s brought us some great campaigns like Red Bull’s recent mission to the edge of space.


But there’s still a whole boat load to learn. A whole 2-days worth of a Content Conference in fact. While we can promise you that you’ll learn everything you need at the Content 2013 conference, we can tell you that we’re helluva impressed by the line-up of speakers. They’ll be telling you all about the in’s and out’s of Content Marketing, making you feel comfortable about the role of content in the marketing mix. If it’s in the marketing mix at all!



Here are some of the speakers that make it worth going:


  • Joe Pulizzi is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute and leader author, speaker and strategist. He’s going to be talking to you from a US market perspective, and hopefully getting you to learn some of the lessons from the States.
  • Another big name – Julia Hutchinson spent a bigger part of the last 10 years as COO of the Content Marketing Association. Once again, she gives a few of how things look across the continent in the UK and Europe.
  • If there’s one guy who the designers would be interested to see, it would be John-Henry Barac. He’s been responsible for the art direction of the Guardian newspaper, and also other apps like Shazam. If you want to know what the journey from print to digital looks like, this is the guy to listen to.
  • Enough with the international people – come for the big personality of Sam Wilson who is currently the Digital Editor at Woolworths. She’ll be telling you more about her past year in the retail world and what it takes for a content chick to make it.


That’s only the start of the entire line-up. Have a look at the entire speakers list to see who you’ll want to see. Then look at the schedule and make sure you can make the whole 2 days.


The basics behind the event details:


Date: 25 & 26 February 2013

Where: The Fugard Theatre in Cape Town (this is worth it alone – the venue is great!)

Price: Get your tickets for R4 850. Hurry quickly as they are selling out!



Between 10 and 5