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Design Indaba 2013 – ticket price options

Crowd shot of the attendees at Design Indaba

Pay for the full Design Indaba Conference ticket and you could be in this crowd. Read below to find out how.


So, you’ve decided that you want to attend Design Indaba 2013, and you’ve convinced whoever needs to be convinced that it’s a good thing you should go (boss, bank manager, mother). Now the tricky part is figuring out how much this whole thing is going to set you back.


We’ve taken the guess work out for you and made it as easy as possible to understand. You can experience the Design Indaba from as little as R35, right through to the full monty of R7,195. Options are many, and here they are, with a summary of what each is, so you can decide which suits your pocket.


Prices for attending the conference:


Full conference ticket: R7,195


What you get: This is the full ticket price and includes “The Main Event”. Having this ticket will give you access to the Design Indaba Conference from Wednesday to Friday and free access to the Expo (only on Friday apparently). This does not give you access to any of the music events, film screenings or anything else. Those are extra. It also doesn’t give you access to the simulcast, but you are already attending the conference anyway, so what’s the point? If you register on the day then you will be charged a premium fee of R7,850. So book early.


Are there any discounts? Yes, you have to apply early (so you’ve missed the boat). But, there are still a series of discounts that can apply if you are an alumni, student or doing group bookings. The final cost can come down to as low as R6,115.


Click here for full details on booking for the Design Indaba Conference.


Young Designer Simulcast: R1,680


What you get: If you can’t attend the conference for whatever reason (like you are stuck in Johannesburg, Durban or Bellville) then you can also attend the simulcast of the conference. The simulcast is basically a livestream of the actual conference event, but it is done remotely to make the content more accessible, reaching a wider audience. If you go to the simulcast, you will end up watching the conference in an auditorium in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban. You do not need to be a “Young Designer” to take advantage of this offer.


Are there discounts Once again – yes there are. Discounts apply if you are under 25 years old (R1,490 for Capetonians), or if you are in one of the remote cities (R1,030 for foreign locals under 25, and R1,460 for the older guys). There is also a discount if you buy two tickets – Art Director and Copywriter pairing, isn’t that sweet?


Does this get you in to all the cool after-parties? No. You still have to buy your own tickets to the music and film events.


Click here to book your ticket for the Young Designer Simulcast.


Workshops: R150 – R500 per workshop


We almost missed this one, but there will also be a range of separate workshops and seminars. If you would like to attend Li Edelkoort’s Trend Union presentation on Saturday morning, that will be R499.


The Design Indaba Youth workshops are R150 and they are: Create a flying wind sculpture, Which Animal are You? or the Stop Motion movie workshop (sounds like fun). Click on any of those links to buy tickets.


Are there discounts: No, and your conference ticket does not automatically get you in to any of them either. You have to buy those tickets separately.


Jewellery exhibition at the Design Indaba

Many local designers will be exhibiting their products and services at the Design Indaba Expo. Read below on how to get tickets.


That deals with all the Conference content. These are really the main “events” of Design Indaba 2013, and if you are thinking of going, those are the things you should be attending. Sure you can read reviews and watch videos of the conference afterwards, but are you really going to do that? And will it be as cool as attending? Probably not. You should fork out the cash. That brings us to the other events that happen around the Design Indaba – from music, film and expos.


Here is the full breakdown of what you can expect to pay:


Expo: R70 day pass


If you are looking to simply attend the Expo where all the best local designers exhibit their goods, then this is the easiest option to take. This will give you access to the floor at the Design Indaba 2013 Expo and you can walk around, take pictures, talk to creatives and mingle with other arty folk. For some people this is enough. For some it isn’t and they attend the conference. The Expo is open from Friday until Sunday and you can buy tickets at the door.


It’s here where you can view the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa, Emerging Designers, Fashion Shows and more.


Are there discounts: Yes if you are under 18-years old it will cost you  R40, and if you are a pensioner or student expect to pay R50. These discounts are only available at the door though.


Book your online tickets for the Design Indaba 2013 Expo here.


Music Circuit: R50-R100 per event


The Design Indaba 2013 Music Circuit features 32 artists performing at 10 gigs in 8 different venues from the 27th of February till the 1st of March. The performances range in price from R50 for a ticket to Waiting Room to R200 to watch Hugh Masekela play at the Mahogany Room. Some tickets are already sold out (like those 2 performances), but there are still some seats available for the other ones. There are also some gigs available at other places like Assembly etc.


Are there discounts: If you have a Conference Ticket you are allowed one free entrance. For the rest, you have to pay.


There are still some online tickets left for the Design Indaba Music Circuit


Film Festival: R35 per film


Tickets to the Design Indaba 2013 Film festival are going for R35 each, and you’ve probably missed half the performances already as they run from the 17th of February until the 3rd of March. There’s a movie almost every night, and it is held at the rooftop of The Bank in the Cape Town Fringe District.


Are there discounts? No, not for this. Everyone pays cash money (although you can book your Film Fest tickets online).


We hope this guide to Design Indaba 2013 pricing was informative – if you have any tips on how to get the most out of the Indaba – drop us a comment below.


Visit our Design Indaba 2013 information portal for news about the Conference as it happens.


(images courtesy of Design Indaba and Marklives)


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