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BOS | From Little Things, Big Things Grow



Most don’t know that local business BOS Ice Tea has had clear sustainability principles in place since day one and have been partnering with Greenpop along the way to reach their goal of becoming carbon neutral.


This infographic, produced in-house at Cow Africa and designed by Rouleaux van der Merwe, shares their progress over the last almost-three years and their plans for a green future.


BOS Founder Grant Rushmere explains, “We live in a time of consumerism and are acutely aware that consumer products put strain on the environment. What we are seeking to do with our tree planting is to assist in neutralising that effect. Our philosophy is to change from the inside, through action, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.”


BOS was the first Greenpop Tree pledgee and has already ensured over 2000 trees have been planted since they began in 2010.
In the next few days, BOS will also launch a virtual reality tree-planting app, “BOSify YOUR WORLD”, and have committed to planting one actual tree for every 2000 trees planted using this app, which can be activated by scanning the QR code on a can of BOS Ice Tea.


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