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kulula | The Most South African Airways



Following’s Most South African Flight Ever, the airline made a statement in yesterday’s Sunday Times in an ad to introduce their proposed livery for their new fleet of Boeing 737-800s.


The press ad and this accompanying radio ad are the first in a campaign that refers to the airline as ‘The Most South African Airways’.


The official press release states, “South Africa’s most-loved airline,, prides itself on flying interesting locals from all walks of life all over South African skies, and so has confidently branded its new fleet with the slogan ‘The Most South African Airways’.”


The body copy reads: We’re super-stoked to introduce our awesome new fleet of Boeing 737-800s. They’re easy on the eye and fly like a dream. They’re also less harmful to the environment because they use 17% less fuel. Come fly with us and you’ll love them as much as we do. flying South Africa. whoever, wherever, whyever.





Executive Creative Director: Alistair King

Creative Director: Matt Ross

Art Director: Karin Barry-McCormack

Copywriter: Paige Nick

Typographer: Moe Kekana

Account Manager: Steph Binns

Account Director: Melanie DeWinaar


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