Design Indaba 2013 Campaign by TJDR


This year marks the tenth that The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) has developed all the advertising and design collateral for the annual Design Indaba.


A polar opposite to last year’s look and feel, the brief for the colour-loaded campaign pieces was to encapsulate the unique number of creative experiences that the Design Indaba has grown to encapsulate over the years. It all started with the conference, extended to the Expo – and then onto the Film Festival. However, the team realized that not many people knew that the all of these events were part of the Design Indaba programme.


This year, with the addition of the Design Indaba Music Circuit, the campaign needed to be a hardworking identity job aimed at making sure that the public were aware of the full spectrum of unique experiences that the Design Indaba offers.


They said, “In a complete turnaround from previous restrained identities, this year’s campaign embraces craziness and colour in an attempt to capture the resultant effect that all the myriad of experiences have on an attendee once they have been to Design Indaba.”


This is a look at the full campaign from TV to print to programme.




Creative Director: Joanne Thomas, Brandt Botes

Designer: Talyn Perdikis

Design Team: Alex Hayn, Dede van der Merwe

Copywriter: Annabel Slingsby

TV Production and animation: Lung

Speaker titles: Zunaid Green and Lung










Event Installation
Event Installation



Cape Town


  1. Design without a purpose or strategy, at a conference that preaches design WITH a purpose. Don’t really understand it.

  2. are you serious? that is the worst animation and compositing. ever.

  3. @Lauren No purpose or strategy?! Are you being serious?!! The pieces functioned as intro’s for each speaker (name, discipline (s). They did that pretty well. Job done.

  4. Was this a collaboration with an art school?

  5. I would love to know where Jupiter and Design Indaba got permission to use everyones work in these executions. There are several copyright images used in these for which they did not seek permission. Not only were the images used without permission but they were cut up, colours were changed and they were overlayed over one another, affecting the integrity of the original work. All illegal without permission from the copyright holder. How can this possibly be justified?