SA’s 2013 Cannes Young Lions Winners



The winners of the local entries to this year’s Cannes Young Lions have been announced!


The team will go on to represent South Africa at the 2013 advertising festival in Cannes in June. Congratulations go to Roberto Adamo and Ryan Allman from Havas Worldwide. A second win in a row for Roberto who also won the local leg of the competition last year with copywriter Willie Struwig.


Hosted by Cinemark – the local representative for Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – the competition briefed young advertising teams to create a powerful 60 second commercial for Lead SA’s #StopRape initiative. They had just 48 hours to film and edit the ad, strictly using a cellphone camera.


Cinemark Marketing Manager, Yvonne Diogo says, “With over 40 film entries this year, we are highly impressed by the very high standard and the level of skill that our local creatives have brought to the competition. The judges found it a challenge to make their selection as there were some very low hanging fruit but as usual the better ads were head and shoulders above the rest…Cinemark is not only happy to be sending this year’s winners to the international awards where we are confident that they will show the global creative arena what South Africa has to offer, we are also very proud to be contributing to the critical #StopRape initiative in a meaningful way.”


Apart from a trip to the Cannes Lions advertising festival, Roberto and Ryan will also see their ad screened at Ster-Kinekor cinemas.


Congratulations must also go to the two teams who tied for second place: Candice Lind and Candice Claassen from Draft FCB and Alison Parker and Michele Fry from JWT.



Alison Parker and Michele Fry



Candice Lind and Candice Claassen







  1. How did a case study win? wasn’t it suppose to be a 60sec spot?

  2. A few things:

    a) Entry wasn’t a minute long.
    b) Entry wasn’t cinema ready – did they do the back-end coding needed to link twitter to the ad?
    c) Did U2 give them the rights to use the song?
    d) There is a photo going around online that the guy who won tweeted “#stoprape” a few hours before the brief went out. Although I can’t confirm this.

    In such a subjective industry – where moods, feelings and preconceptions alter judges’ votes – the only way to keep things fair, is to play by the rules.

    These rules were clearly broken.

    Rant: over.

  3. I’m surprised the judges didn’t see the similarities

  4. I must admit, even though they created a 3 minute long case study instead of a 60 second ad, it still outshines all the other entries. It’s well thought out and brilliantly executed for such a short space of time. Well done. Hope you boys bring back a medal!

  5. While I am ranting, 2nd place (A) – what in that ad was shot on a cellphone?

    Rant: over (again).

  6. It gets better…

    He basically admits to it never being shot in cinema or happening.

    @AlanParks5 @Cinemarksk @Abramjee @lead_sa We tweeted #stoprape, for a cut away shot. Which we shot in our office, we turned the lights off.

  7. I wouldn’t allow these “judges” access to award shows…

  8. @AlanParks5 I don’t think they ever claimed that the ad was actually shot in a cinema – that was the entry video, giving the judges an idea of how their 60″ ad would work in the context… Bit of a case of sour grapes maybe?

  9. Lance Armstrong didnt need rules either

  10. @Lisa No offense but this wasn’t a competition about who could submit the best case study…

  11. @Lisa the entire competition is based on the premise of shooting a 60sec, cinema-ready ad within 48 hours. Plus, it had to be shot on a cellphone.

  12. Rules

    6. iv. The final film advert should be no longer than 60 seconds in length

    So that rules out (see what I did there) “Winner 1” and “Runner Up A.”

    Can’t get a word out of Cinemark. No accountability whatsoever? Poor form for such a prestigious competition.

  13. Get over yourselves. Great ideas don’t come from following the rules. They come from doing things differently and creating the unexpected. If you’re a creative in the industry and you’re angry that this piece won… GTFO of your studio and go write briefs.

  14. Great idea for a tough brief. Well done guys. Haters gonna hate…

  15. Why have rules?

    It seems one of the guys who won also won last year! And guess what, he also didn’t follow the brief in 2012. Fool us twice, shame on us, i guess.

  16. I dont think anyone read the brief. Including the judges

  17. I entered and lost

    The brief was to submit two entry videos, an entry video and a master video, which would be what flighted at Cinemark cinema’s. What i suspect is that this was the entry video, and their master submission was the actual 60 second commercial, so don’t see how they broke the rules? Don’t get why you guys are being so harsh. I say congrats to them! it was the best piece. The judges got it right…

  18. Seems they bent the rules, but didn’t break them! “I entered and lost” was spot on. Congrats guys! good luck in Cannes, make SA proud!

  19. What's out there?

    Another great example of an interactive cinema experience:

  20. Great concept but the rules were not followed. This gave the winning team an unfair advantage. If all the other teams had 3 minutes to express their ideas, the entries would have been vastly different.

    The prize should go to the runners-up.

  21. Ad has been done. Know this is a common post, but at least do it better.

  22. They had 48 hours! think it’s pretty damn good for that amount of time, oh yes and no money. Jesus Chris. Interactive advertising is not new, yes, but i’m sure you have had many original ideas in your life, that have been done! think we all have. It’s impossible to know every piece of communication.