Coca-Cola SA | Crazy for Good



Coca-Cola® South Africa recently flighted this TVC for their campaign, Crazy for Good. The ad keeps some elements from the global TVC but has been localised by featuring South Africans who perform random acts of kindness.


Some of the stories featured in the different versions of the ad worldwide were made into more detailed videos.


A predominant story in the SA ad is that of Tom Hewitt, a Durban-based surfer who has been teaching street children how to surf for over 20 years. A mini documentary was made about Tom to tell his story in full detail. It highlights the kindness he has for those less fortunate than himself, and how he goes out of his way to make a difference in their lives




Local credits:



Theo Ferreira – Executive Creative Director
Kyra Antrobus – Art Director
Mohlalifi Letsoane – Copywriter
Vanessa Borthwick – TV producer
Tanya Taylor – Account Director


Picture Tree:

Alan Irvin – Director
Darren Gordon – Producer


These two videos were also shot in SA and serve as extra viewing for the global commercial:









  1. I think coca cola is trying to make lot of money by this so called crazy for good,I sms every day but I don’t win,and sometimes it says “service is temporarly unavailable”but they take some of my airtime.I’ll neva sms again

  2. Love this intention. Well done. Especially Secret Gardner.

  3. This makes me so happy! This may be an ad for Coca Cola, but through association, the good people that are planting trees / giving money / teaching surfing are getting promoted and they deserve it. Hopefully they will benefit just as much. Advertising that makes a difference is why I’m in the industry to begin with.