WWF Earth Hour 2013



Ogilvy CT and their long-standing corporate social responsibility client, WWF, have launched a campaign for Earth Hour 2013 called, ‘Things To Do In The Dark’.


Earth Hour will take place this Saturday the 23rd of March from 20h30 – 21h30 and the campaign is centred around celebrating it in a fun way; making it an initiative that is accessible and something that all South Africans can get involved in.


Creative Director Jacques Massardo, says, “This year we decided to take a different approach to Earth Hour. It seems people know about Earth Hour and what it stands for, but lack real motivation to participate. So instead of Earth Hour feeling like a bit of a chore when we all sit in the dark without being able to do much, we wanted to make it more of a calendar event.


Our ‘Things To Do In The Dark‘ campaign encourages people to participate on the evening, either by doing something in the dark at home with friends and family or by going to dinner in the dark or attending a function in the dark at a participating restaurant or event partner. By giving people something fun to do in the dark we hope to increase participation and observance. This year it was also important that we try and shift people’s behaviour and energy usage beyond just the hour. Hopefully by making being in the dark bearable and even fun, we’ll have gone some way to doing this too.”


WWF has teamed up with a number of partners nationally that will all offer activities to do in the dark, from candle-lit dinners to unplugged music concerts.


To find out how you can get involved, visit the WWF South Africa Facebook page.




Jacques Massardo – Creative Director

Katie Mylrea – Junior Art Director

Kelly Tomes – Junior Art Director

Gaby Jardim and Sarah-Jane Viljoen – Client Service

Adele Kruger and Nazneen Ahmed – Ogilvy PR

Michelle Baron – Illustrator








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