The 2013 Loeries Campaign | Be the Most Famous You


Loeries 2013


This year’s Loeries campaign, Be the Most Famous You, by TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg and their digital counterpart, Tequila\Johannesburg, has just been released.


The pay-off line encourages individuals in the creative communications industry to be their own top search result by doing great work that stands out above the rest.


The print executions feature the namesakes of well-known advertisers who show up in the top Google results when their names are searched.


The digitally-led campaign uses intelligent e-marketing, supported by Rocketseed email specialists, to pull 200 preselected top industry names into their individual email banners and link them to a Google search result. Such names include Nando’s marketing guru, Robbie Brozin; award-winning architect Mokena Makeka; TBWA\’s legendary John Hunt; Ogilvy’s Neo Mashigo; HelloComputer’s Mark Tomlinson; PR genius Ingrid Lotz, as well as iconic media representatives, Louise Marsland, Andy Rice, Brendan Seery, Jeremy Maggs and Ashraf Garda, to name a few.


They will each find a ‘Be the Most Famous You’ ad as their top search result – courtesy of The Rebellion, who specialise in pay-per-click advertising. The ads contain humorous messages that aim to inspire not just these individuals but the industry as a whole.


Google these industry icons to see the results. Or join in by Googling your own name via the online banner that is integrated into the Loeries home page and see where you feature in the search results.


Other campaign executions include a direct mailer, posters and print ads, with online videos and street-pole ads to follow soon. Specialist print executions have been produced by Ultra Litho and Antalis South Africa.


Entries for the 2013 Loeries are open. Enter before 15 April and receive a 10% discount. Deadline for entries is 31 May. Winners will be announced at the awards during Loeries Creative Week Cape Town 16 – 22 September.


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  2. I don’t think winning a Loerie is going to pump you up to a top spot on Google Search. Cannes on the other hand…

  3. Best Loeries campaign in years.

  4. So racist. Are you saying that all Greg Grays look the same?

  5. Ey.. David Harris is my uncle.. or second uncle.. or third cousin via marriage… somewhere thereabouts 😀

  6. The concept is okay-ish, the line is terrible and clumsy.

  7. lol… if u have an african name chances are u r on top of google anyway… lol… therefore i am my most famous self… but that lorie gold from last year removed FACEBOOK, Twitter and LinkedIn as the top 3 sites that have my name…

  8. Finally! A conceptually sound Loeries campaign!!