#DISAFRIKAANS | Bester Burke Slingers



Bester Burke Slingers was briefed to make KykNET top-of-mind when it comes to Afrikaans by creating something that all Afrikaners, young and old, can partake in and feel proud of.


Their response was a campaign that exposes the unique nature of the Afrikaans language and culture to the world, showing how the language has evolved into something so much more than doilies and voortrekkers.


They decided to use Twitter as their platform and the hashtag #DISAFRIKAANS as their call to action, asking the question, “Wat is Afrikaans vir jou?”.


The campaign was launched at this year’s Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK), a festival that celebrates everything Afrikaans, from theatre to music to art and fashion. This move introduced thousands of festivalgoers to #DISAFRIKAANS and inspired them to tweet to the world what Afrikaans means to them.


This is how they did it, “We seeded our campaign at the festival by putting up posters, written as tweets, highlighting the originality of the language and culture. We sent out our dedicated Twiet-Span to educate those who knew little about twitter and set up a Twiet-Stasie where festival goers could interact with the brand, meet the kykNET stars and see what the world has to say about #DISAFRIKAANS. The hashtag quickly caught on and Afrikaners from around the country started expressing themselves in a way that only Afrikaans allows.”




Art Director: Romano Cardinal
Copywriter: Jacques Laubscher
Creative Director: Dewald van Zyl
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Burke
Managing Director: Brigette Ross
Account Executive: Amy Marais
Production Manager: Carrie Bester














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