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Featured: Katlego Kgabale



Katlego Kgabale, sometimes known as Kady, is a 23 year old artist based in Joburg, currently working as a junior animator at Animoss Media. Like most other kids Katlego grew up watching cartoons, only she wanted to do more than just watch. Her curiosity about how the moving pictures were made led her to study animation.


It was while she was in college that she discovered the vast world of digital art and completely fell in love with it. She says, “I taught myself the techniques by looking at other artists’ works. I still have a long way to go but I don’t think I’m doing too badly so far, haha.” As animation is a long-drawn-out process, Katlego decided to try her hand at illustration as a swifter outlet for her constant stream of ideas.


She’d describe her work as part of the pre-production process in animation, she says, “I deal with cartoons a lot so it would fall under character design and concept art.”


Her recent works mostly involve children and creatures. For her series ‘Beast Friends Forever‘ (the first three images here) she was particularly inspired by a photo of a little girl giggling. Katlego says, “I really liked the innocence, energy and carefreeness the child had in that picture and I wondered what could’ve made her react this way. I thought of the relationships that people/children have with their pets and I guess it all came together from there.”


We really like that Katlego includes her process pics when uploading a finished piece. Find them at and


Beast Friends Forever

Beast Friends Forever
Katlego Kgabale
Katlego Kgabale
Katlego Kgabale
Chinese lady

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