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This is the trailer for DOWNTOWN TRIBES, a STR.CRD™ commissioned short documentary written and directed by photographer/filmmaker/artist Amirah Tajdin.


The short film will explore the modern African as a beautiful amalgamation of a diverse history, both colonial and tribal; will celebrate the idea of ‘the Ornate African’ who comes in different shapes, colours, sizes and most importantly, dress; and will document street style in Johannesburg, one of the continent’s oldest urban centers.


The series of video portraits that make up the documentary were filmed during STR.CRD™ 2012. The annual festival serves to expose all facets of urban culture through fashion, music, photography, sneakers, graffiti, skate and dance.


Archival photographs of ‘ornate Africans’ are juxtaposed against the interviewees who give their take on what African street culture/style/life means to them.




Wrttien and directed by Amirah Tajdin
Produced by Wafa Tajdin
Cinematography by Ebrahim Hajee


Acid Rock by the Funkees
Breakadawn by Amerigo Gazaway


Between 10 and 5