Dani Loureiro

Update: Dani Loureiro

Dani Loureiro


Illustrator and graphic artist Dani Loureiro produced some incredible pieces for Back in 5 minutesa typography and custom lettering exhibition at Salon91 in March.


All of these pieces were completed specifically for the show inspired by urban signage. Dani used the opportunity to experiment with a number of different techniques such as lazer cutting wood and perspex and engraving into plexiglass.


She didn’t use any pre-existing typefaces, hand drawing everything first. You’ll find a description from her under some of the pieces, the rest were finished in vector.


Find out more about Dani in our Creative Women feature here and see more of her work at artroom.co.za or on Behance.










Pen and ink on ashrad paper.




Pencil drawing playing with patterns and negative space.




The type was lazer engraved into the glass of the frame which was layered over the hand drawn patterned artwork. With this piece I was playing with depth and the shadows that the lazer engraved glass cast onto the patterned paper below.




3 Layers of lazer-cut wood which were glued together and then hand painted, with a top layer of laxer cut perspex.




Between 10 and 5