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Baked Ginger for Autostem


Baked Ginger have made this beautiful video for a product that wouldn’t usually have the most visually-appealing advertising. In doing so they’ve produced a great example of creating something worth watching no matter the brand you’re working with.


Basically, Autostem is a new, safer and more effective way to blow up rocks and concrete. Baked Ginger got out all their toys and shot some explosions in high speed. They said, “We got the opportunity to hang out in La Farge quarry all day drilling and blowing up 40 ton rocks. All of this was filmed on a RED Epic and was shot at 300fps.


Niceonesteve produced some truly epic footage, while Baked Ginger handled the art direction, design and animation, as well as collaborating with Tooandflow who cooked up some slick 3D animation. It was a real treat to be able to bring something like this into a industry that is relatively dull.”


Who knew you could make non-detonating safety cartridges look so good?




Baked Ginger: Art Direction, Design, Animation

Niceonesteve: Script, DOP, Edit

Tooandflow: 3D

Taper: Sound design


Between 10 and 5