Featured: Green Renaissance


Green Renaissance is a film production company dedicated to only producing environmental and sustainability films, documentaries and video content. Some of their most recent works are beautifully shot short film series promoting greener lifestyles that they share on their vimeo channel.


These collections of films include Go Volunteer – a short 4 part mini series featuring the Green Renaissance team volunteering at 4 organizations all in one day on the 6th of December 2012.


They also regularly update their How To series featuring healthy tips from how to make real vitamin water and homemade lemon cleaner to how to forage, roast and enjoy chestnuts and make hanging plants. In their hanging plants video, which we’ve featured above, Marissa from Opus demonstrates how it’s done.


Another themed series is a collection of short films featuring passionate local designers, recyclers, growers and collectors. We’ve chosen to share a few of these.


For more visit www.greenrenaissance.co.za or their vimeo channel.







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