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Justin Dingwall | ALBUS



Johannesburg-based photographer Justin Dingwall’s most recent is this elegant portrait shoot titled ALBUS and featuring South Africa model with albinism, Thando Hopa. Selects of the shoot will be published in Forbes magazine in the upcoming months.


In Justin’s own words:


Beauty is found in all shapes, sizes and colors. It can also be colorless, which is the point being proven and celebrated through a wave of models with albinism – a condition affecting melanin production that results in little or no pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes.


This South African woman named Thando Hopa is full-time legal prosecutor and now fashion model and she is using her new-found fame to negate the taboo surrounding albinism. I have been fortunate enough to photograph her for numerus publications including Forbes Magazine.


Justin’s photos are more than just technically astute and beautiful to look at, he uses series of images to say something or to tell a story. We’ve featured his sheep-starring Incurious before, also check out Suicide of a Robot. Here’s more about the photographer from a previous post of ours:


Justin realized his true passion for photography at the Pretoria Technikon Arts Campus where he completed a 4 year degree. During his studies he achieved a Baccalaureus Technologies Photography Cum Laude and exhibited in a group exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum in 2004. In 2005, he was asked to exhibit at Wet Ink Gallery in an exhibition called “Portraying Life”.


Straight after University he went into commercial photography, pursuing his goals to shoot for some of Africa’s top magazines. During this time he won numerous awards, including gold in the Fuji Film Awards for portraiture. His work has been published both locally and internationally.


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Extra Credits:

Make-up by Lyn Kennedy








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