Fort Rixon | Zimbabwe Independence Day


Yesterday was Independence Day in Zimbabwe so Fort Rixon, a Zimbabwean illustrator living and working in Cape Town, made this short film to salute his country of birth. In it, he paints the message “Fire of the Heart, Leads me Home” onto the remains of an abandoned car.


He says, “We painted this car a while back, early in the morning. It is a gift for all Zimbabweans both at home or abroad as a reminder of the thing that keeps us moving positively into our future. Anyone from Zim would have had to travel long distances to do great things, and aspires to do even greater things. So here’s to a bright and beautiful people in a beautiful land – The Fire In Our Hearts that will lead us home.”




Illustration by Fort Rixon
Filmed By Kent Locke
Edited By Kat Rixon


Fort Rixon is also known as Kunyalala Ndlovu (or just Kone). See more of his work at


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