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How Humans Eat Their Food | A Response



Last week for our Fridays@4 post we featured How Animals Eat Their Food, the video by Mister Epic Mann sweeping the globe while raking in the LOLs, and the views (currently on over 42 million!).


Local comedy duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues, think Braaiday, have responded to the internet sensation with the short animation, How Humans Eat Their Food. In their own words, it’s “deliciously racist and stereotypical (in a comical way)”.






Written, directed and voiced by Nicholas Smal and Gareth Allison

Illustrated and animated by Nicholas Smal

Sound effects and foley by Matthew Gair

Music by Hicham Chahidi


See for more. While you’re at it check out Chat Sandwich, the animated series in which the duo host terrible interviews with Youtubers.


Between 10 and 5