Johnnie Walker ‘Strider’ TVC



In this new Johnnie Walker TV commercial by King James and Egg Films, significant historical events in South African history are recreated to remind us of the progress and pioneering spirit of our country; the same values shared by the brand.


The ad, titled Strider, takes us on a journey through places where great moments have taken place in the past. In doing so it aims to inspire pride in our country and make us realise the capacity we have for future great, world-changing achievements.




Chief Creative Officer: Alistair King
Executive Creative Director: Matt Ross
Creative Director and Copywriter: Michael Wilson
Art Director: Cameron Watson
Agency Producer: Caz Friedman
Client Srvice Director: Melanie de Winnaar
Account Director: Sarah Griffiths


Production Company: Egg Films
Director: Kim Geldenhuys
Executive Producer/Managing Director: Colin Howard
Executive Producer: Kerry Hosford
Producer: Rozanne Rocha-Gray
Production Manager: Devi Lazanas
Production Co-Ordinator: Simone Groenewald


Post: Black Ginger
VFX Supervisor and Lead Flame Artist: Marco Raposo de Barbosa
Editing House: Upstairs Post
Music: Mad Planet
Audio: We Love Jam
Audio Engineer: Arnold Vermaak


Marketing Director: Gavin Krenski
Brown Spirits Category Manager: Nyimpini Mabunda
Johnnie Walker Marketing Manager: Melanie Campbell
Johnnie Walker Brand Manager: Taygan Govinden
Marketing Manager: Jody Daniels


Behind the Scenes:




Behind the Scenes Director/DOP/Editor: Rob Smith







  1. This commercial is a DA plot.

  2. my vision also goes all blurry like that when i drink too much johnnie walker!

  3. Carlos the Hamster

    Was I supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

  4. Blah – Great execution of often repeated idea.
    How does whiskey relate to our history ? Maybe its because our government fat cats drink the Blue ?
    With such a huge alcohol problem in this country this is actually incredibly irresponsible – I won’t be buying any.

  5. Like to see more still photo’s of all the historical moments of TV advert as the Tv ad is very short and in some cases very blurry.

    History should not be blurry, but clear in the mind.

    Lets see if they will be forthcoming