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Featured: Katrin Coetzer

Katrin_lion around


Katrin Coetzer is a freelance illustrator working from a studio in Cape Town’s CBD. This space is also where she spends her mornings running Good Heavens, the all-cotton necktie, bowtie and pocket square label she started with her husband. Katrin’s nights are devoted to image-making, sometimes only starting after midnight. While that’s a lot for some, she says managing a variety of projects is important to her. Working in a variety of mediums is too; her portfolio is a mix of drawing, painting, collage and small paper sculptures.


Katrin studied Visual Communication Design at Stellenbosch University but after graduating she found her work moving away from formal design and leaning toward illustration and pictorial art, especially over the last five years. Following this inclination, she returned to Stellenbosch in 2010 to hone her skills with a postgraduate course in illustration.


A lot of Katrin’s work has been for books. She says, “I love narrative work and crafting illustrations to work with and strengthen text, be it commercial commissions or personal inventions. It provides a structure and an objective to build around which is often hard to achieve on your own.”


A solo exhibition of Katrin’s work opens tomorrow at Salon91 in Cape Town. She let us know what to expect:


The opportunity to work on a solo show has been very rewarding. It gave me a chance to put many of my latent ideas on paper and I feel lucky that Salon91 gave me free reign to produce work in a variety of styles since I like to mix up my mediums and approach to naturalism.


Sometimes my work is more dreamlike and illustrative, sometimes abstract and other times more precise. I love using water-based pigments and ink washes on clean surfaces and I feel most inspired by imagery of places. I filter what I see and remember down to the most interesting shapes lines and colour and try to put that down on paper.


This theme runs through my collection of work on show this month. I called this exhibition Honeymoon to mark a particular season in my personal life but also to draw a connection between imagining and remembering local and exotic spaces.


Find out the exhibition and opening night details here, find Katrin’s portfolio at and keep up to date with her latest at


Here’s a mix of older and most recent:


small maillot-1 Katrin_Edinburgh Palm House

Katrin_Fort Namutoni


Katrin_dream after florence

Katrin_drunken picnic


Katrin_madeira confetti




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