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Out of Office I Warm&Glad



The unlikely location of Warm&Glad is nothing to go by. Situated halfway down Jan Smuts at 357 Alban’s Square, Craighall Park, this little cafe-cum-shop, owned and run by John Shaw, is a whole lot of cool.


Just under a year old, Warm&Glad has become the firm favourite spot and ‘home’ to a large group of regulars, who use the space to work from (Wi-Fi is free and always fast), have meetings, or just hangout. As the name implies, the north facing space is indeed, pleasantly warm (especially in winter!), and the great music that’s always playing (courtesy of Nathan Redpath, who manages W&G) leaves one feeling rather glad.


All the items on the menu are prepared fresh from only the best quality ingredients, which are locally sourced wherever possible. The coffee is Cape Town’s finest, Deluxe, and is served with pride (read: none of that insipid M&B stuff) One tip if you visit Warm&Glad: Don’t ask for what’s not on the menu; the W&G team are vehemently resolute in what they serve and don’t.


Warm&Glad also houses a shop called Rad, which sells all manner of, erm, rad goodies, like books on art, design, culture, and architecture, imported magazine titles, records, clothing and art prints. And in case you’re not convinced, they’re quick to inform that these things “are actually quite grown-up”.


Warm&Glad is open Monday to Friday from 7:30am – 4:30pm and on Saturdays from 8:30am until 1pm.




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