Sta-soft Print Campaign | Ogilvy JHB



Ogilvy Johannesburg enlisted the skills of Says Who‘s Shaun Hill to create these ‘fabric illustrations’ for their latest print campaign for Sta-soft. Fabric versions of Chuck Norris, Hulk Hogan and Rambo illustrate the pay-off line, “Softens even the toughest.”




Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Johannesburg
Creative Director: Louw le Roux
Creative Group Head: Andrew Pearson
Art Director : Darryn Rogers
Copywriter: Andile Khambule
Artist/sculpture: Shaun Hill, Says Who
Photographer: Jurie Potgieter
Client Service Director: Bianca Rogers
Account Director: Telana Botes
Client: Marketing Director Colgate Palmolive South Africa, Del Levin





Says Who process shots:










  1. Not a new idea, but nice execution.

    original on threadless.

  2. Ahem… There is no ‘Y’ in Sta-soft. I know your spell-checker puts a squiggly line under it, but that /is/ the brand.

  3. Thanks for sharing that link. It’s almost exactly the same, just, the originator of that creative forgot to put the product shot and copy on his t-shirts. Also, he isn’t a world-class ad agency.

  4. If you steal from the Internet, the Internet will steal from you.

  5. Good find Dylan.
    Awesome attempt at plagiarism. Nailed it.
    Should have done a Mr-T execution to really hammer the robbery home.

  6. I’m not sure how I feel about people blatantly copying ‘ideas’, it used to be easy but this vid kinda has a different perspective on things, not that I agree %100 but it makes you think. Still think its wrong, but,… just watch the vid – Everything is a remix :