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Hermaneutics: Ranking rankings, flying off to Mars



The advertising industry in focus from the editor of By Herman Manson (@marklives)



Ooh. Another agency ranking based on creative points. In case you wonder how the latest ranking works, this time produced by the Creative Circle, they use “a system similar to that of the Formula One motor racing, points are awarded for the top 10 places at each award show, with 25 points awarded for 1st place, down to 1 point for 10th place.”


It supposes the top slot at the Eagles count as much as the top slot at Cannes (25 points each to be exact). And the Pendorings don’t count at all – but Ad of the Year does.


Only award shows receiving a nod from the Creative Circle count towards the tally. They are Cannes Lions, the Loeries, D&AD, the Eagles, Clios, One Show and Ad of the Year (which is run by the Creative Circle).


The table of Creative circle rankings can be found here.


From nonsense to substance – the team over at OFyt (Old Friends Young Talent) just landed a motoring account worth around R50 million (for Kia) and then lured back to South Africa Greg Burke as ECD of its new Johannesburg office. Burke has been creative partner for O&M London’s Ford business since 2005 (as Executive Creative Director of Blue Hive London – the WPP agency that handles Ford in Europe). Before that he spent nearly 30 years in South African advertising – mostly at  Ogilvy/RS-TM – where he created some legendary ads including the David Kramer campaign for the VW Bus.


In just over a year the agency has grown to 36 people. It has a strong focus on pulling in young talent and mentoring them and is lead by a formidable team in Gary Leih (former group MD of Ogilvy South Africa, co-founder of ad agency The White House, chairman and CEO of Ogilvy Group UK and an Ogilvy Worldwide board director); Jono Shubitz (a former ECD of Ogilvy Cape Town and chairman of OgilvyOne and Ogilvy Interactive SA) and Paul Newman (a former marketing director at Nationwide).


Expect more waves from OFyt. They just proved they are about to stick around.


Finally the Mars One mission has created quite a bit of buzz in international news media of late. Yes a lot of it was sceptical, this is after all a private company trying to set up the first human colony on Mars, funded by a reality TV show that will have the masses pick their fave astronauts for the mission. As one columnist put it rather grimly – a reality TV show where the actors will ultimately die on set (it’s a one-way ticket – literally). Hollywood must be lining up for the rights to this one.


It’s also quite inspiring and taps into (or manipulates, whichever way you choose to see it) our sense of hope and optimism, in a time anxiety (thank you 24/7 news cycle) and plenty of distressing news, not to mention economic woes.


There is a South African link to the Mars One story – ‘high-concept’ creative agency Now&Partners (see the interview here) are early investors in the project and created an inspiring short film to launch the nominations phase for people wanting to escape this world, or build a new one.



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